Fauza Design Nyekundu Silk Dress – Maroon

Fauza Design Nyekundu Silk Dress – Maroon

480,00 AED

Fauza Design Nyekundu Silk Dress – Maroon

480,00 AED

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Fauza Design Nyekundu Raw Straight Cut Silk  dress.  excludes class and elegance designed to suit many different occasions. Its Comfortable and in a light weight fabric.
This dress can be worn to a wedding party, cocktail party or to any occasion. Dress it up or low with flat shoes, stilettos, or even for a comfort feel bring your sneakers out. You create the style that you like.


Fauza Design is more than just a brand. Each piece of our garment and its unique print is designed to accentuate the beauty of the person wearing it, no matter your origin, size, shape or age. I just don’t want you to look good i want you to feel beautiful.
Fabric sourced from Dubai.


Material: SILK

Model height: 5’7

: M

Care Instructions: Hand wash. Machine wash cold gentle or  Dry clean. Due to the delicate nature of the fabric we advise that when you wash the garment please use a laundry washing bag to avoid damaging the fabric.




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